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Vaping CBD Oil Vs. CBD E-Liquid – Which One is Better?

CBD oil bottle

Source: Direct CBD

There are numerous ways to benefit from the therapeutic effects of CBD. While some people may like consuming CBD oil as capsules, others may take it in the form of edibles or tinctures. And there are people who prefer dabbing CBD concentrates. Though each delivery method has its own benefits and limitations, nothing can beat the efficacy offered by vaping. However, not all CBD oils are suitable for vaping. You can’t put any CBD oil into the vape pen and start vaping. You may end up destroying your oil and the device in the process. Vaping CBD requires a special kind of CBD oil, known as CBD e-liquid. You can utilize to decide the quality and guidelines the Wholesale Extracts offers.

CBD Oil Vs. CBD E-Liquid – Which One Can I Vape?

When looking for CBD oil online, you come across three types of products. 

  1. CBD oil which is made using vegetable carrier oils
  2. Vape oil that is made with vegetable glycerine 
  3. Cannabis resin oil made from waxes

CBD Oils

It is an ingestible form of CBD which can be either added to food or used sublingually to be absorbed into the bloodstream. CBD oils are made using carrier oils such as coconut oil, olive oil or hemp seed oil. It is not possible to vape CBD oils as they can destroy the CBD vape pen. Vegetable oils contain fatty acids which can get some harmful byproducts into your lungs when burnt. Such CBD oils are generally infused into a type of food-grade oil so that your body can digest it efficiently. Food-grade oils should not be vaped.

Vaping CBD Oil and CBD -E-Liquid

Source: Way of Leaf

CBD E-Liquid

CBD e-liquid vape juice or CBD vape oil is a product designed particularly for vaping. To make CBD vape oil, the fatty acids are removed from the vegetable oils. Upon removal of these fats, glycerol is leftover and it is known as vegetable glycerine. This substance is known to vaporize under low temperatures, producing cool, thick vapor clouds. Vegetable glycerine is used to make the safest CBD e-liquids.

There is another option for CBD e-liquid known as the triple distilled MCT oil. It is a colorless oil extracted from coconuts. MCT oil is presently believed to be the fastest way of taking CBD. When compared to other agents, MCT oil is a safer and more natural way of vaping CBD for different types and levels of users. 

Cannabis Resin Oil

This is highly-concentrated, unrefined cannabis oil which can be either taken orally or vaped using a CBD vape pen. It is different from CBD oil in that it contains significant levels of THC. This oil is extracted using the ethanol extraction process and can be applied sublingually as a tincture. It can also be used in a vaporizer as it belongs to the group of concentrates. 

If you are new you can try THC vape pen, you should ensure you get a vape-compatible THC liquid. CBD oil meant for ingesting and CBD oil designed for vaping are different and the above-mentioned details should help you understand the difference.