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The Five Best Disposable CBD Vape Pens for Beginners

Best CBD vape pens

Source: Best CBD Oils

Cannabis is all the rage these days. And it is for a reason! There is nothing not to love about a naturally occurring component with amazing analgesic, anti-anxiety and anti-inflammatory properties. Considering the popularity and reputation of the compound, it is no surprise that a large number of new CBD products are emerging every day. And while each form of cannabis has its own benefits, one of the best methods to enjoy CBD is to vape. In they take exceptional care to treat extracts to give out clean and smooth smoke. As vaporizing does not involve combustion, it is a safer alternative to smoking. To help all the beginners get started with vaping CBD, we have compiled the top disposable CBD Vape pens ideal for a great experience. 

  1. Wildflower CBD+ Pens

These visually appealing vape pens are somewhat shorter than others and can be easily carried in a pocket. Wildflower pens feature a small cannabis flower logo. They come in two different versions, each consisting of 500mg of hemp-based cannabis. One of them is the Aches blend containing essential oils like peppermint and lavender and works for pain relief while the other is the Immunity blend designed to provide relief from flu and inflamed sinuses. The later blend contains thyme, myrrh and eucalyptus. The pen’s bottom lights up upon inhalation and the vapor cloud releases in thick waves. 

  1. Try The CBD Pineapple Express CBD Pen

Filled with 200mg CBD extracted from Colorado-grown hemp, the CBD vape pens are infused with special terpene flavor in MCT oil which is healthy fat from coconut oil. The terpene is a blend of beta caryophyllene, beta pinene and limonene. These pens are free of any emulsifying agents such as propylene glycol. 

  1. W!NK Go Pen

More is the merrier with CBD products. Tasty terpenes are the merrier additions that make the W!NK Go Pens merrier. Each of these CBD Vape pens contains 150mg cannabinoid-rich CBD Oil with food grade terpenes to enhance the vaping experience. The pen has an eight-second draw that gives a luxurious feel while the tasty bubble flavors would make it your favorite. With no buttons on the pen, you can start inhaling right away. 

  1. Dosist Calm 10:1 Pen

Dosist is a California based company that makes weed vaping effortless by making a tiny, convenient sized disposable vape pens in different blends. One of the best pens is the Calm 10:1 CBD blend that mixes cannabis with terpenes like beta-caryophyllene, myrcene, limonene and others to benefit nerves instantly. Each pen comes with 200 pre-filled doses, each 2.25 mg. 

  1. Telenovela Pen by Quill

Quill has an impressive range of discreet, sleek vape pens available in Washington and Oregon. They are designed especially for microdosing. Each pen consists of CBD and THC in ratio 1:1 from terpene rich CBD extracts with no added artificial flavors. All the products are made from single source extracts and each puff delivers 2mg of cannabis. It features an elegant design that facilitates discreet use, allowing the users to read GetWhitePalm reviews and take one or two peaceful strokes quietly whenever needed.