The First-Timer’s Guide to Buying Legal Weed in Canada

Legal weed in Canada

Source: QZ

If you too were waiting for legalization to give weed a try, it is natural that you have some concerns to be addressed before getting your first legal product. As it is often compared to liquor, you might think buying pot is similar to visiting the wine store but it is actually a little different. We are here to provide you some useful weed knowledge that gives you the confidence to purchase legal weed and get high for the first time.

Before you Buy Legal Weed

Consider thinking about what type of experience you are looking for, whether you want to feel uplifted or relaxed, focused or balanced, intoxicated or floating. The amount of terpenes and various cannabinoids present in a strain can help you get what you are looking for. While THC is the component responsible for the feeling of high, CBD delivers some of the therapeutic effects like pain relief and relaxation without getting you high. The best way to choose your strain of dried flower is to follow your nose. If you like the smell of a strain, you are likely to enjoy the consumption. You should also know about Indica and Sativa – the two types of cannabis strains. While Indica is known to be a more sedating strain, Sativa are more energizing. Most strains available for selection are hybrids.

What to Buy

As a beginner, you definitely don’t want to get too high and the key is to select the right product. If you plant to inhale using a vaporizer, you should get a strain of dried flower that is low in THC content and high in CBD. Small amounts of THC will give you the euphoria you desire while CBD keeps any negative effects away. If you prefer not to smoke, you can buy ingestible pills and oils. Make sure you start with low-THC products because ingestible THC produces long-lasting effects.

How to Consume

Once you get your dried flower, you have to decide how you want to smoke it. First-time users can wait some time to try bongs and pipes and opt for pre-rolls and joints. Those who are looking for a healthy way to inhale should invest in a good-quality vaporizer. When you are ready to smoke, follow the golden rule of legal weed consumption – start low and go slow. If you smoke from a joint, take a puff and wait for few minutes to get time to see how your body reacts. The same rule is true for capsules and oils. While you can buy edibles online, you can even add oil-based products to your favorite foods and drinks. Start with a small, measured dose to avoid any adverse effects.

What to Expect

When you finally get your weed, you will need to make important decisions like where to try it and whether you will have a company or not. The majority of proponents of the cannabis ash idea feel that white ash weed is indicative of cannabis that has been properly “flushed.”Ensure that your first experience is with somebody who makes you feel comfortable. Keep some snacks handy to deal with the munchies and occupy yourself with games or TV. Be prepared for the effects you will feel; your body might feel lighter or relaxed.